During the late 80’s, Curly-V, a Latin-American fashion designer, is born into a modest immigrant family in Los Angeles.

Curly-V has worked a variety of different jobs within the fashion industry and with the help and direction of creative artist Francisco Platt and Make-up legend Sharon “Mama Makeup” Gauilt, he began to work for one of pop culture’s most prestigious artists, photographer David LaChapelle.

By 22, Curly-V decided to return to his roots in fashion and began working for another great American artist and avant garde fashion designer, Jeremy Scott. It is here that Curly-V was once again inspired to live out the almost forgotten dreams of his childhood.

Curly-V is meant to bring just a bit of happiness into a world of uncertainty and darkness. It is for the trendsetting girl who isn’t afraid of taking chances and perhaps for some of the boys too. But mostly, Curly-V is for the dreamers of the world—it represents the beauty of the people and their unrelenting spirit to follow their dreams. ♥